What Members Of Congress Did This Monday Instead Of Passing A Budget

Ever wonder what members of the House and Senate do after getting back to normal work following a US Government shutdown? Well…

1. Some tried to Repeal Catfish

Missouri’s 4th

2. Some had roundtable meetings in a rectangle shape

Arizona’s 4th

3. Some checked out doodles for google

Florida’s 27th district

4. Some took pictures of creepy spiders

Florida’s 16th

5. Some fought for more sugar


6. Some upheld their promises

Colorado’s 6th

7. Some accused POTUS of torturing pregnant diabetic women

Texas’ 36th

8. Some touched senior citizens ever so gently


9. Some were Bibi fanboys


10. Some didn’t know what to do with their hands while speaking to Gov Bush

Florida’s 10th

11. Some ate with rocket scientists

Maryland’s 5th

12. Some went back to school

Maryland’s 2nd

13. Some shoveled dirt in heels

North Carolina’s 2nd

14. Some couldn’t figure out how to turn pictures

Texas’ 36th

15. Some bussed tables


16. None of them got any closer to passing a budget

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