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  • Undocumented Get Bigger Tax Refunds Than Americans!

    American Kids; “Through No Fault Of Their Own” are paying the price with Education cuts and overall higher living costs! Cuts to entitlements could all be avoided IF our government followed our Immigration Laws. How dare ANY elected official hand over amnesty when you’ve done nothing to seal our borders or put an end to the abuse of Birthright Citizen. It’s time to pass not only H.R. 140 The Birthright Citizenship which was created to protect freed slaves, but mandatory E-Verify as well! to send free, pre-wrote faxes! I’ve made an overt effort to speak with cashiers at WalMart who see so much WIC & Food Stamp fraud by illegal aliens; we consumers are paying the higher prices to make up for their theft. The Money Center is their 1st stop after checking out, sending all their money to Mexico! Food Stamps & WIC allow certain products, brands and quantities yet, Mexicans take more or non-approved items on WIC & Food Stamps, hold up grocery lines knowing the Mgr will “Let them have it”. As told to me by a cashier at a major retailer, One Hispanic woman was making a scene, screaming at her “Just give it to me” when denied the items not approved through Food Stamps! Now, price matching fraud by Hispanics…. I know some whites, blacks & Asians abuse the system, however Hispanics appear to have brought their Mexico corruption with them! Go to WalMart, talk to cashiers, & employees who can tell you so many stories and how they watch the abuses while making low wages, trying to support their American children without entitlements! Many have said they were indifferent to the illegals until being on the front lines, seeing all their theft, I included! Unless you are a renter in Jo Co, you have no clue how hard it has become to find ‘decent’ affordable housing as so many illegals are taking them up! I rented from one landlord who told me he had to replace the flooring (Now using cheap paneling) after having rented to Mexicans as they ripped up nice expensive hardwood floors, took it with them after they were evicted for NOT paying their rent. Working for a major retailer has provided me with the opportunity to speak with many who have told me similar horror stories, forcing we renters to pay higher rent and deposits. Not only do the Mexicans tear out flooring, they take ceiling fans, bathroom cabinets, etc. My Maintenance Man told me they hate renting to them because they always pay their 1st month rent and deposit, then wait to be evicted paying no more rent while trashing the apt. Turning your backs on Americans and the growing poverty rate is creating a breeding ground for racism and hatred of Mexicans as you’ve chose them over your own low to middle class constituents. I’ve spoke with city utility workers who confirm what I’ve seen, more and more apartments are being vacated by native born Americans as many illegal aliens take them over! I’ve caught more than one messing with water meters, why? Illegal aliens abuse of Hospitals have forced some to close in CA, why is this allowed? A family member (strong supporter of immigrants) works at the Houston Medical Center and has seen the gross amount of abuses by illegals who in turn never pay their bills! In TX if you are not bilingual, you have a much harder time finding a job! They Come to America Film — Tomorrow My Son Pay for Your Son America Has Hit “Peak Jobs”. IRS told employees to ignore potential fraud in program used by immigrants. Millions illegal Mexicans getting bigger tax refund than you, The U.S. Treasury inspector general also found 10 individual addresses were used for filing 53,994 tax returns and receiving $86.4 million in fraudulent tax refunds. For example, 23,994 tax refunds totaling $46.3 million were issued to an address in Atlanta; and 2,507 tax refunds totaling $10.4 million were issued to an address in Oxnard, Calif.

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