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    "The Wilds" Is About To Be Your New Favorite Show, And Here Are 10 Reasons Why

    Dare I say it? Move over, Bridgerton.

    The Wilds is one of the best new releases from Amazon Prime Video.

    If you haven't started binging it yet, here are 10 reasons you totally should.

    Warning: minor spoilers ahead!

    1. It provides a real and honest portrayal of the lives of young women of diverse backgrounds.

    2. Its creator has also worked on Daredevil and Drunk History.

    3. The entire cast is amazing.

    4. The villain is positively evil.

    5. One word: Shoni.

    6. The character development is realistic and relatable.

    7. Sexuality is portrayed as a positive concept.

    8. The show portrays serious issues that aren't often addressed onscreen.

    9. It's totally bingeable.

    10. It's been renewed for a second season!