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    "The Wilds" Is About To Be Your New Favorite Show, And Here Are 10 Reasons Why

    Dare I say it? Move over, Bridgerton.

    The Wilds is one of the best new releases from Amazon Prime Video.

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    It's basically Lord of the Flies but with 21st century teenage girls.

    If you haven't started binging it yet, here are 10 reasons you totally should.

    Warning: minor spoilers ahead!

    1. It provides a real and honest portrayal of the lives of young women of diverse backgrounds.

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    The cast includes a beauty queen from Texas, a diving champion from New York, two young Native-American women from Minnesota, and a South Asian-American cello player from the Bay Area, just to name a few.

    2. Its creator has also worked on Daredevil and Drunk History.


    The genius behind the show is named Sarah Streicher. A ton of other incredible women work on the show as writers, directors, and, of course, the stars.

    3. The entire cast is amazing.

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    They all portray their characters so well. Some of the actors are from from Australia and New Zealand. It was such a surprise to me when I found that out! Their American accents are spot on, and for many of them, The Wilds is their biggest role to date.

    4. The villain is positively evil.

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    The mastermind behind the "Dawn of Eve" program, Gretchen Klein, is motivated by a desire to see what society would be like if run by women. Nice idea, but does consent mean anything to you?

    5. One word: Shoni.

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    The development of Toni and Shelby's relationship is beautiful to watch develop onscreen. They balance each other out so well.

    6. The character development is realistic and relatable.

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    Each of the women portrayed is a strong, three-dimensional, flawed character. In their backstories, we see their lives before they became castaways. Once they're on the island, we see each one develop into a strong woman.

    7. Sexuality is portrayed as a positive concept.

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    Most of these girls own who they are and who they love. Fatin embraces her sexuality and her casual approach to relationships. Toni is out and proud. Even Shelby, as the show progresses, begins to come to terms with who she is.

    8. The show portrays serious issues that aren't often addressed onscreen.

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    Issues such as eating disorders, sexual assault, suicide, the loss of loved ones, and anti-LGBTQ bias are all explored skillfully, illustrating how they've have played a part in the characters' lives.

    9. It's totally bingeable.


    This show is suspenseful AF. Just when you think you can watch the next episode tomorrow, the one you're on ends in a cliffhanger, and next thing you know, it's three in the morning.

    10. It's been renewed for a second season!


    No surprise there. I can't wait to watch all these girls again!