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    Chuck Grassley Tweeted To Convince Iowans He's Doing His Job. No One Bought It.

    Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) has received a lot of pressure at home since he threatened to obstruct any nominee made to the U.S. Supreme Court less than a day after Justice Scalia passed away.

    His obstruction as Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee would be historic, and according to legal experts is a violation of the U.S. Constitution.

    Iowans have responded by gathering petition signatures (Why Courts Matter Iowa has gathered more than 7,500), rallying, delivering copies of the U.S. Constitution to the Senator, and taking to Twitter as well, sending a straightforward message with the hashtag: #DoYourJob.

    Senator Grassley's Twitter feed is perhaps the most well-known among Senators, because he tweets for himself. And he tweets often. The #DoYourJob tweets appear to be getting through to Senator Grassley, because last night (Monday, March 14) he started using the hashtag #DoingMyJob in response.

    Almost immediately, Grassley was sent a number of replies. The bottom line: no one was buying what he was trying to sell.

    In response to #DoYourJob, Senator Grassley responded by tweeting #doingmyjob

    #doingmyjob Just finished 1 hr tele town hall w thousands of Iowans. Chance to answer 21 Qs Thx to all who participated

    We didn't buy it.

    @ChuckGrassley #doingmyjob? No you're not. Your job is to uphold the constitution.

    We really didn't buy it.

    @ChuckGrassley that's called "trying to keep my job, but not doing any work."

    Not. One. Bit.

    @ChuckGrassley You sir, are defiantly NOT doing your job.

    Some asked Senator Grassley questions (which he ignored)

    @ChuckGrassley isn't your job to also hold Scotus confirmation hearings?

    While some were more direct.

    Others appealed to his sense of constitutional duty.

    @ChuckGrassley #doingmyjob? No you're not. Your job is to uphold the constitution.

    People even attempted to predict who the next President might nominate...

    @DemoFacts @Thom_Hartmann @ChuckGrassley That's okay. If the Republicans hold it up, Hillary can nominate Michelle Obama.

    The responses varied a bit, but the verdict was clear: Senator Grassley can't claim to be doing his job simply by tweeting "doingmyjob" - it's time for him to stop threatening to obstruct the Supreme Court nominee.

    When @ChuckGrassley tries to tell Iowans he's doing his job by tweeting #doingmyjob... #stopobstructing #DoYourJob