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    • priyad4

      I think the whole point of these ads, for me at least, is that the our attitude towards the very female energy we profess to esteem or worship, needs to be aligned with the female energy in our physical existence - the women in our lives.
      We need to start with parents - let’s teach our children to respect other women. Teach our daughters to be whole, to have self esteem and expect EQUALITY, to be self-sufficient, enthusiastic about LIFE, and playful. To have CONTROL over their choices in life, control over money, decisions. Encourage their dreams and goals. Teach our daughters how to have individual bank accounts, how to earn, save, invest, give, to FEEL their independence and individuality. Encourage our girl-friends, our cousins, our nieces, our aunts, our mothers, our grandmothers to love, express and pamper themselves.
      Explain to our abused friends or family members over and over that they are WORTH complete EQUALITY, respect and love - and offer them a confidential safe harbour in case they need a place to stay.
      I’ve read most of the comments… This is a non-religious connection for me, even though Hindu goddesses have been portrayed in the ads - after all, every religion, every perspective (even atheist) have their female “avatars” -the goddess, the Virgin, the Mother, etc. It’s symbolic.
      But violence is non-compatible with love. Period. In support of the ads, one CANNOT profess to love the Divine in any form or religion and inflict violence on others, regardless of sex.

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