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9 Reasons Why He's Not The One

It's difficult to read a man's heart, but here are a few ways his actions will reveal what he is really feeling or not feeling for you.

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1. He has never invited you to meet his family. / Via

When a guy likes you, he wants the people he loves the most to like you just as much. If he never invites you over to meet them, he probably doesn't feel the need to introduce his family to someone he doesn't intend to keep in his life.

4. He only spends the night with you. / Via

A guy who truly loves you will want to spend time with you outside of the bedroom. If he's always leaving at the crack of dawn it means he is only interested in what you can do for him not with him.

8. He doesn't keep up with your success.

Southwestern College / Via

You have so many accomplishments, but he can't name one of them. This means that he isn't invested in your success nor does he believe that you will ever obtain it.

9. He won't give you a title.

Quick Memes / Via

If he avoids the conversation about the two of you making things official, questions your need for a title, and often introduces you as just a friend, this may be your cue to move on to someone who is dying to say you're theirs.

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