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    22 Signs You Were Raised In Northern VA

    We've tried to become a separate state 13 times.

    1. You, or one of your friends, has parents who personally know the president.

    Pete Souza / The White House

    Via either working at the White House, for the government, or some other interesting connection.

    2. If you lived in Fairfax or Arlington County you attended some of the best public high schools in the country.


    Among the many prestigious high schools, Thomas Jefferson High School is ranked as the #3 best high school in America (according to U.S. News.)

    3. And speaking of high schools there are a ton.

    Fairfax County Public Schools

    Let alone there are 22 in Fairfax County and this doesn't even include the other counties such as Loudon, Arlington, and more.

    4. You met friends in college whose entire high school had 500 students, while your graduating class was over 700.

    Joel Bissell

    And you probably had to graduate in a college stadium, like George Mason's basketball arena.

    5. You had a friend of a friend who was on MTV’s Sweet Sixteen.

    They were the most hated person at your school.

    6. Your southern friends try to convince you that Richmond is a better city than DC.


    7. You drove by houses owned by Redskins/Wizards/Capitals/National’s players on the way home from school.

    This is Alexander Ovechkin's old house. Casual.

    8. You knew people who were actually given luxury cars for their 16th birthday.

    Lexus / Via

    "It's an old model" was their excuse.

    9. The main colleges everyone went to were Virginia Tech, James Madison, and UVA.

    Depending on the high school, 70+ from your graduating class would make JMU feel like another high school.

    10. You heard your county mentioned on CNN every election cycle because it will literally decide the VA vote.


    With over a million people alone in Fairfax County, the VA vote almost always rides on how the Northern VA suburbs end up voting.

    11. You can drive 25 minutes or less to see a professional sports game.


    #Blessed to live in an area with so many options for sporting entertainment.

    12. You didn’t start calling your home, NOVA, until you left for college.


    You're use to referring to NOVA as the community college. It's nationally recognized as one of the best community colleges in the country.

    13. You might have lived in 3 of the top 5 wealthiest counties in America


    According to in 2013 the number 1, 2, and 4 richest counties are in Northern VA. Loudon County comes in at #1 with a $117,000 average household income followed by Falls Church and Fairfax County (which we previously mentioned has over 1 million residents... That's insane.)

    14. People who visit complain about the traffic, but you’re used to it.


    It's really not that big of a deal.

    15. You’ve been to a restaurant owned by celebrity chef Jose Andres.


    Whether it's Jaleo, Minibar, or Zaytinya. Jose Andres restaurants never disappoint.

    16. You had a gym membership to Golds, Lifetime, or one of the many Rec Centers.

    Helenkozak / Via

    The only problem was running into every single person you've ever met.

    17. You played travel soccer against the best competition in the country.


    Whether it was NCSL, Academy, or Super-Y, you competed against some of the best teams all over the country in National Tournaments.

    18. Or you played AAU basketball against the best competition in the country.


    The D.C. area is highly regarded as one of the hot beds for basketball. Even Kevin Durant played in the area's AAU leagues. #KD2DC

    19. You still don’t understand the DC Metro system.


    Wait, where am I supposed to transfer?

    20. You’ve flown out of Dulles, Reagan, and BWI.

    You are highly experienced in airports.

    21. You left high school during lunch to get Chipotle.


    Chipotle is a lifestyle choice.

    22. And finally you’re thankful to have grown up in one of the best places in America.


    With so much to do each and every day, Northern VA is truly an amazing place to live.

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