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7000 Children Sing Plus A Kazoo Or Two!

Children sing a song to help beat cancer

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It's World Cup fever time which means we've gotta act like we know what the off side rule is, support our country, oh and listen to dodgy World Cup songs! But don't worry there is something to rescues our poor ears!

England's one, by thekidsunited, is a World Cup song sung by 7000 students to help raise money for cancer research. Which is pretty freaking cool. Kids across England have come together to help raise money for a wonderful cause. So why would you not want to listen and help out.

I see you need more reasons to why this should be your World Cup song , well the song also features 7000 kazoos, hands up those of you who like a kazoo? That's all of us! Oh did I mention tons of kids singing, oh I guess I did. Well it was created by a guy called Jasper, I'm not kidding that's his name, cool right? And we can't forgot the most important bit charity. Ah, I see mentioned that already, but songs that help charity is always good!

So go download spread the word cause I'm sure England's one can help England win in more then one way!

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