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15 Reasons Why Phoebe Was The Best Friend

Is this list even necessary? Oh well, here we go.

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1. Firstly, she was obviously the prettiest one and she knew it!

2. She always knew Ross and Rachel were meant to be.

3. She was always a little gullible, but we loved her for that.

4. She was never scared of being herself, no matter what.

5. You always knew if she was upset.

6. She had the best alter ego ever!

7. She always had the best reaction to things.

8. She was always the life of the party.

9. She could easily seduce the pants right off you.

10. She was an extremely talented musician.

11. She was always so optimistic about things.

11. She was the social butterfly of the group.

12. She was always there for her girlfriends.

13. She knew honesty was always the best policy.

14. She gave us the epicness that is Smelly Cat.

15. She is simply amazing.

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