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    Fun* Facts About Kerala

    *By fun I mean embarrassingly true, truly awesome and awesomely random.

    Let's begin!!!

    Firstly, Kerala is a coastal state in India and is popularly known as 'Gods Own Country'

    Secondly, the people of Kerala are called Keralites, Malayalees or Mallus.

    Thirdly, no, you are not allowed to call us Mallus – only we are allowed to do that to ourselves.

    1. The most common thing found here: local bars, featuring 'kallu' + 'kappa and meen curry' = toddy + tapioca and fish curry.

    The second most common thing found here: coconut trees.

    The third most common thing found here: weddings + gold

    2. If you leave the state without wearing a lungi at least once, your trip will forever remain incomplete.

    3. India is quite good at producing badly scripted TV shows. Kerala is fantastic at producing badly scripted TV shows that make you question many things like sanity, common sense and the needs of the audience.

    4. 15 minutes at the bus stop is worth more gossip than your entire life, which up to that point you thought was pretty interesting.

    5. Two mandatory questions everyone asks you when you visit Kerala:
    i.When did you arrive?
    ii.When will you leave?

    6.If you travel for 5 kilometers without seeing a mosque, church or temple you have probably crossed the border and wandered out of the state.

    7. If you are travelling in a bus and a kid is thrown into your lap (they will sometimes seat themselves) do not be alarmed. You are just a layer of fat lying between them and the actual seat. Enjoy the ride.

    8. People here are so good at staring that you start wishing you were invisible. At this very precise moment when you start hoping for your own nonexistence, they look away and you start thinking 'why aren't they staring anymore?'

    9. We celebrate everything. Yes, everything.