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18 Struggles Of Finishing Freaks And Geeks On Netflix

Probably the most amazing creation to ever grace Netflix.Take care while binge-watching this show...the end will come sooner than you think!

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5. Realizing that just when you got over the fact that Marshall is cheating on Lilly in this show, THE SHOW ENDS

Just when you could finally see How I Met Your Mother's Jason Segel with someone besides Alyson Hannigan!

6. Realizing you’ll never find a more relatable and fabulously cringeworthy geek than Sam Weir

Androgynous AF, Awkward AF, and uncomfortable beyond words in any given situation, but still somehow cool in his own way!

8. Realizing you’ll never find a show that gives a more accurate portrayal of teenagers (and their families) ever again

Realest sh*t ever. No canned laughs, no BS plotlines, just family and friends being real.

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