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18 Of Our Favorite Author Interviews From

A lot of people don't realize that the blog contains a treasure trove of over 300 author interviews. We asked the editors of the blog to share their favorites with us and they narrowed it down to 18 they think everyone should read. Once you finish these, head to the blog and discover the rest!

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1. Sherman Alexie

"One of the ways in which colonization works is that it destroys family units, and it destroys generational contact. I had no grandparents because they all died for various colonial reasons. Without that connection to grandparents, I lost my connection to my history."

Read the interview here.

3. Maxine Hong Kingston

"You know, there was this surge of hope: we are going to be free of the way the last generation was; we're going to figure out new ways to make a living; we're going to find new ways to lead a political life, a spiritual life; and somehow we are going to be psychedelic."

Read the interview here.

7. Rachel Maddow

"...what the Founders articulated about why a president alone shouldn't be able to make decisions about war is a core value that we've all absorbed as Americans."

Read the interview here.

8. Ann Patchett

"The thing that really made me nuts in the Amazon is that you can't go anywhere by yourself. You can't take the shortest little stroll alone. You have to be with the group all the time, because otherwise something is going to eat you."

Read the interview here.

16. Kevin Young

"...I think I'm very concerned with beats, and movement, and a mix of fluidity and being able to stop on a dime. Talk and music, too — what I'm trying to do makes use of both of those."

Read the interview here.

18. Junot Diaz

"It takes a lot for an entire community to uproot itself and move somewhere else. If you just listen to the individual stories, you lose sight of the larger forces that made it possible, or that made it necessary for a community to move across the spheres."

Read the interview here.