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Top Five Painfully Public Celeb Confessions

There has been a rash of very public sharing of secrets lately. So we've compiled a list of confessions celebs probably wish had been PostSecrets.

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  • 5. The Honorary Confession: OJ.... if he did it

    Wow OJ, really? Aaaaaand you promoted a book about it?

  • 4. Whitney Houston's Crack Confession

    This one simply could not stay secret any longer...but definitely no less awkward when she went public on Oprah.

  • 3. David Letterman's Affair with a Staffer

    When faced with extortion, Letterman went VERY public on his own show (naturally, all videos of the admission were pulled from the Web).

  • 2. MacKenzie Phillips' Painfully Public Revelation

    It's impossible not to unhear this....

  • 1. Clinton's Whitehouse Sex Scandal

    So public, our own President's sperm was discussed in detail!