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    • PostMcposterman

      YeahIthink you have no idea what you’re generalizing.Iliterally believe there is no god in existence. I’m notavictim…I have educated, specifically researched positions on whyIbelieve whatIdo. And you have no right to deem my beliefs or lack thereof as confused, agnostic..etc. As there is nothing to prove you any more right or wrong than any Athiest, your position could be construed as just as confused and incorrect. One could assert that because you prostrate yourself before an ideology that supposes that you are born in sin and must prove yourself with sacrifices and blind, wreckless love forabeing you cannot prove or see…you are absolutelyavictim of unfathomable cruelty. Don’t you dare call meavictim. Or confused. And I’m not gay, I’m simply an Atheist that doesn’t appreciate your judgements.

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