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    20 Delightfully Geeky DIYs

    From gadget cozies to Star Wars posters, these tech-related DIYs are an adorable way to show your geeky side.

    1. Hard-Core iPhone Case

    2. iPad + Purse = Destiny

    3. iMacquarium

    4. Super Rad Custom Star Wars Poster!

    5. Plaid Camera Strap

    6. Triangle Motif Camera Strap

    7. Live Out Your Dream as an Astronaut (Ice Cream Maker)

    8. Give Your Camera a Little TLC

    9. The Most Awesome Busywork Ever

    10. I Can't Believe It's Paper!

    11. Get Hard-Core With Your iPad

    12. Not Those Darned Tangled Wires Again!

    13. Make the Coolest Vase Ever

    14. A Healthy Dose of Nostalgia

    15. Prevent Your Camera Lens's Escape

    16. Make Your Own Flubber

    17. Serious iPod Protection

    18. Instagrahams

    19. (Top-Secret) Grid-It Gadget Holder

    20. Get Meta With Pantone Chip Magnets