10 Up-And-Coming Scandinavian Female Pop Artists To Watch

It’s no secret that Scandinavians are exceptionally good at making catchy tunes. The following female artists are on the verge of breaking through with their original, inventive, and infectious songs.

1. Beatrice Eli

Country: Sweden
Listen: “Violent Silence”

Her impassioned voice’s a perfect match for her throbbing dark-pop. Her 2012 EP “It’s Over” is an impressive collection of songs about the dark side of love. Do yourself a favor, open Spotify and stream “Definite Mistake”, one of the most devastating break-up ballads I’ve heard recently.

2. Elliphant

Country: Sweden
Listen: “Down On Life”

Elliphant aka Ellinor Olovsdotter is one badass chick. The MC’s music fuses dancehall, urban, and synth-pop. It’s exotic music for the dancefloor.

3. Fallulah

Country: Denmark
Listen: “Superfishyality”

Fallulah posssesses a rich, silky voice, and she has so many great songs of the indie-folk-pop persuasion. And she can DANCE, too! Check out her moves in the music video for “Superfishyality”.


Country: Sweden
Listen: “Breathe Out”

She used to be one-fourth of Swedish teen girl group Play who used to tour with Destiny’s Child. Now all grown up, Faye’s making music independently, releasing cathartic pop high on raw emotions. It helps that she’s got a killer set of pipes (and cheekbones) too. RIYL Lykke Li.

5. Frida Sundemo

Country: Swedish
Listen: “Indigo”

She put out a Japan-only album of lovely acoustic pop music, then changed her mind and reinvented herself as an electro-pop star. Her 2012 EP “Indigo” is top-quality happy-sad Swede-pop at its best. RIYL Robyn.

6. Karin Park

Country: Sweden
Listen: “Thousand Loaded Guns”

Karin Park’s been around the blocks since 2003, but went through a drastic artistic shift, embracing her edgier side with her latest album “Highwire Poetry”. Her voice sounds a lot like another Karin - Dreijer of Fever Ray/The Knife. Check out the Ladytron-esque “Thousand Loaded Guns”, probably her most accessible single.


Country: Denmark
Listen: “Pilgrim”

Post-Grimes Tumblr pop with a touch of soul and rock n’ roll? Recent Diplo collaborator? Hair-whipping enthusiast? Yes please!

8. Mr. Little Jeans

Country: Norway
Listen: “Oh Sailor”

Don’t let the name fool you, for Mr. Little Jeans is actually Ms. Monica Birkenes. She cut her teeth releasing beautiful dream-pop covers of Arcade Fire (The Suburbs) and Paul McCartney (Waterfalls). “Oh Sailor” is one of those songs that feel melancholy and uplifting at once, and even features a children’s choir. Lovely.

9. Nicole Sabouné

Country: Sweden
Listen: “Conquer or Suffer”

She was a semifinalist on The Voice Sweden. NO WAIT COME BACK, her music is actually not boring. It sounds like The Strokes, fronted by a girl. Her guitar-pop tunes should get your toes tapping in no time.

10. Tove Lo

Country: Sweden
Listen: “Habits”

Fun fact: Tove Lo has written for Icona Pop (We Got The World, Ready For The Weekend). Fortunately she also kept some very good songs for herself. “Habits” boasts an epic chorus that will get stuck in your head for days. No wonder it’s already a big blog hit.

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