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Bath And Body Works Is Bringing Back Your Favorite '90s Scents

Ahh, the sweet smell of Cucumber Melon and nostalgia.

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'90s kids, rejoice!

Following multiple old-school TV show reunions and the exciting return of the beloved French Toast Crunch and Crispy M&M's, it was only time before the scents of your childhood made a comeback, as well. From June 8th through July 5th, 2015, Bath and Body Works is reviving fan-favorite scents as part of the company's #FlashbackFragrance campaign, according to

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The re-released fragrances include: Country Apple, Cucumber Melon, Juniper Breeze, Pearberry, Plumeria, and White Tea & Ginger. Cucumber Melon, my personal favorite, brings back happy memories of shopping at Bath and Body Works on a Friday night--back when hanging out at the mall was still cool. (I miss those days.)

The fragrances will have new packaging, but don't worry! They'll retain the same aromas that we all knew and loved.

Now, haul some Bath & Body Works coupons and jet to the store on Monday--'90s kids thrive on nostalgia (ahem), so there's a high possibility that these products will almost immediately sell out, as young adults douse themselves in '90s memories.

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