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29 Canadians Who Are Bad At Being Canadians

Sorry doesn't cut it.

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So the hashtag #ImABadCanadianBecause started trending on the twitter and Canadians far and wide basically told the world of their faults.


Let's look, shall we?

Some of the confessions were tame.

#ImABadCanadianBecause i get out my winter jacket way too early cause im always fucking cold & cant do that 'its not even that cold' act

#ImABadCanadianBecause I say "about", not "a-boot".

#ImABadCanadianBecause I like regular bacon over Canadian bacon.

#ImABadCanadianBecause i don't thirst over bieber

#ImABadCanadianBecause I say "Zee" not "Zed". Thanks American Sesame Street.

Some of the confessions were reasonable.

#ImABadCanadianBecause I don't really like maple syrup all that much.

#ImABadCanadianBecause i took french for seven years and i dont even know how to say a sentence

#ImaBadCanadianBecause I think Nickelback is decent.

#ImABadCanadianBecause I don't put ketchup on my KD

#ImABadCanadianBecause I don't say sorry. (And...I don't like the song)

Some were... concerning.

#ImABadCanadianBecause I care more about American politics than our own

#ImABadCanadianBecause I love @realDonaldTrump

#ImABadCanadianBecause I'm from Québec and I hate every other province... 🇲🇶

#ImABadCanadianBecause id rather be mexican..... or at least on top of a mexican woman :)

A lot of them were about Tim Horton's, actually.

#ImABadCanadianBecause I really don't care for Tim Hortons

#ImABadCanadianBecause I think a double double is a waste of coffee. Scratch that, I think Tim Hortons is a waste of "coffee"

#ImABadCanadianBecause I think Tim Hortons tastes like horse piss and I don't like the CFL.

#ImABadCanadianBecause I don't drink @TimHortons coffee and think maple anything is gross

#ImABadCanadianBecause I like Starbucks better than Tim Hortons. Sorry!

#ImABadCanadianBecause I really don't care for Tim Hortons


#ImABadCanadianBecause I only watch hockey for the hot refs


#ImABadCanadianBecause I don't like hockey and I can't ski. Or skate.


#ImABadCanadianBecause I don't give AF about hockey


#ImABadCanadianBecause I could care less about Hockey, The Blue Jays, beer, camping & I tell it like it is.


#ImABadCanadianBecause I hate hockey


#imabadcanadianbecause i hate hockey its dumb


#ImABadCanadianBecause well, you should see me play hockey, then you'd understand...

So there you go!

#ImABadCanadianBecause I don't get excited about Snow Days. ☃😁

Now you know what we really think.

#ImABadCanadianBecause I say "sorry" too many times above the required Canadian Standard

We're not sorry!


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