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Women Share How They Stay Active When It’s Not Easy

'Cause we know how hard it is to get moving when it's not just the couch keeping you down. Make your life easier with Poise Active with wings, available at Walgreens.

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us how they motivate themselves to get moving. Here's what they shared.

1. Knock it out first thing in the morning and feel good about yourself the rest of the day!

2. Feeling unmotivated to get out? Get your steps in your own hallway!

3. Try to put everything into perspective as a way to recognize how far you've already come.

4. Getting active can be as simple as a walk after lunch.

"When I was pregnant with gestational diabetes, I made sure I went for an afternoon walk at lunch. It was really hard to do when I was eight months pregnant, but it kept my blood sugar low enough where I didn’t have to go on any medication. Now that my baby is born, I hope to do the same when I go back to work so that I am not sitting all day long."


5. You can make getting active less of a chore by also making it the time to catch up with the ones you love.

6. Listen to your body; know when to push and when to take it easy.

"I have two chronic illnesses and suffer from tight Achilles. I've had to realize active for me is different than active for other people, and to not put others work out regimens or standards on myself. Some days I get two walks in, some days I can only manage two stretches in the shower. I try to listen to my body and learn when I can push it and when I need to go gentle and easy."


7. If you hate the gym, skip it! Get moving in a way that works for you.

8. Be kind to yourself. If you need a day, take it.

"Being kind to yourself is a huge part of a successful fitness plan. If you’re in a really bad headspace and you just need a day, take it. Don’t beat yourself up about it. If I wake up dreading something, that’s my signal to take a step back for a day or two and then get back on the horse. I’ve had a lot more success with that approach than pushing myself to the point where I’m miserable and then start finding reasons to not continue with whatever regime I was on."


9. Progress pictures can be powerful motivation. Take some!

10. Find a friend or join a workout group that puts an emphasis on community. That way you'll have support from people going through similar journeys.

It's not easy to get moving, but when you do it's life-changing. And if you're dealing with incontinence, make life easier with Poise Active with wings, available at Walgreens.