The 10 Most Beautiful Lines From Charles Bane Jr.'s "Love Poems"

America's finest lyric poet has released a new collection of poems, and it's a marvel. Here are the 10 most breathtaking lines from the book:

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1. "Fall my love, and I will rake the leaves."

2. "Let it cut deeper, love, until it flows inside the blood."

3. "A panther drinking as your fingers rake my hair".

4. "A thousand souls somewhere in the dark of France flew."

5. "What bird is this with wings outspread crying under me?"

6. "It defies logic so beautifully, this love."

7. "There is no nothing as I sleep inside your soul."

8. " ..writes in me to the margin of the stars."

9. "Dew beads every blade and we who loved the night shadows are painted green."

10. "I deny sacredness not born of your womb your hair the thousand gestures of lovingness that fall in gravity."

Love Poems by Charles Bane, Jr. (Kelsay Books. January, 2014) is available on Amazon

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