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    11 Grilling Recipes You Can Pull Off This Summer

    Here are some of the most-saved barbecue recipes in Pocket right now — great for the Fourth of July or any other time of year. They're mostly meat with a grilled veggie or two. Enjoy!

    1. Miso-Glazed Skirt Steak: A Video Guide (Food Wishes)

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    Food Wishes / Via

    Skirt steak is totally underrated. Chef John from Food Wishes explains why the cut of meat is perfect for the grill (hint: don't cut the fat off) and how a miso glaze can add flavor to the meat with just 30 minutes of marinating time. Chef John's tip for cooking skirt steak? "When it looks kind of sweaty, it's close to done."

    Get the recipe

    2. Spiral Cut Hot Dogs (Chow, via Lifehacker)

    Chow, via Lifehacker / Via

    This one might freak out the 4th of July traditionalists, but Chow recommends this tip for grilling hot dogs: Cut them into spirals. This helps them cook more evenly, and it creates nice little pockets to add condiments like ketchup and mustard. It also keeps the dog from curving after being cooked, allowing for optimal bun placement. Learn how to do it.

    3. Time-Tested Tips for Grilling Beef and Pork (Whole Foods)

    Whole Foods / Via

    If you want to get back to the basics of grilling, Whole Foods has this quick primer on the best ways to grill different cuts of beef and pork—including what's best for direct heat (sausages, chops, steaks, hamburgers) versus indirect heat (roasts and larger cuts). See more tips here.

    4. Grilled Seasonal Vegetables (Paula Deen)

    Paula Deen / Via

    Metal or wood skewers? Marinated or raw? Paula Deen's site has a quick guide to prepping and grilling vegetables, from squash and eggplant to onions, corn on the cob and lettuce (for grilled Caesar salad).

    Learn more about grilling veggies.

    5. Barbecued Marinated Shrimp (Examiner) / Via

    You won't need much for this one—a little bit of olive oil, lemon juice, tomato paste, Texas Pete or Tabasco sauce, and of course the skewers. But give yourself at least an hour of marinating time.

    Get the recipe here.

    6. Plank-Grilled Fish (Taste of Home)

    Taste of Home / Via

    Here's how to up your game on grilled fish: Get a plank. For a wood-smoked flavor, Taste of Home recommends a 1-inch-thick piece of wood (cedar, cherry, hickory, pecan or maple) soaked in water for 3 to 4 hours before being placed on the grill. Check out the best fish for planking, and how to do it.

    7. Smashed Potatoes! (Serious Eats)

    Serious Eats / Via

    Serious Eats tackles the tricky dilemma of what to do when you have a little extra space on your grill and no side dish. In this case, they had planked tenderloin and decided to grill some potatoes. Here are the complete instructions, but it seems pretty simple: Boil them, smash them, and stick them on the barbecue.

    8. Barbecued Summer Fruit (The Daily Meal)

    The Daily Meal / Via

    Grilled fruit, when done right, makes for a solid dessert, side dish or topping. The Daily Meal has compiled a list of some of the best fruit-grilling recipes with tips on how to not turn your grilled fruit into mush. Get the tips here.

    9. Grilled Lamb Chuanr (The Kitchn)

    The Kitchn / Via

    The Kitchn breaks down everything you need to know about this popular Beijing street food (pronounced "chwar"), and how to grill your own, seasoned with chili powder, garlic and cumin. Get the recipe here.

    10. Honey-Rosemary Pork Chops (Plain Chicken)

    Plain Chicken / Via

    Easy enough: Olive oil, rosemary, honey and pork. That's Plain Chicken's quick 10-minute recipe for prepping boneless pork chops on the grill. Get the recipe right here.

    11. The Juiciest Burger of Your Life (Grilling Is Happiness)

    Grilling Is Happiness / Via

    What makes a perfect burger? According to Grilling Is Happiness, the best meat for barbecuing is ground chuck with 20% fat — the best bet for avoiding a dried out patty. You'll also need to pay close attention to how you shape the patties, and how you prep your gas or charcoal grill. Here's the complete rundown, with a few recommended recipes.

    What else are we saving to Pocket? See more of what's popular.

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