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5 Ways To Sweeten Your Holiday Crafts

Hey girl, let’s face it, you love to craft, but it’s not the hobby you fell in love with all those years ago.

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1. Bows on Bags

Accents, tiny insignias of taste and aesthetic that show the world who you really are.

Take, for example, bows on bags. A cute option for a parting gift, or a party favor.

Thread a strip of gingham ribbon through a hole in a rustic lunch bag, and fill it with [Unnamed Candy Brand] for good measure. Steal one to snack for yourself to snack on for a quick pick-me-up during an evening's festivities.

2. Custom Spirits in Tiny Glass Bottles

Look at that, honey, grab a couple chic bottles bottles, some of your fave clear alcohol, and drop a few pieces of [Unnamed Candy Brand] in each bottle, then strain them out after they've steeped for a week. Hand them out to friends, drink one yourself, be merry.

3. Calligraphied Items

Come on, you know those years of fastidious penmanship would come in handy, so work those dainty digits and create a custom message for a friend or loved one, and print it on anything you want: maybe a small gift tote for holding your {Unnamed Candy Brand]?

4. Novelty Baked Good

Nobody knows personal branding more than you do. You've got this fabulous idea for a novelty brownie/cookie combo studded with [Unnamed Candy Brand]s and this holiday season is your time to shine, to let everyone know how smart you are, to collect the accolades for your baking skills you so richly deserve.

5. [Unnamed Candy Brand]

Admit it, [Unnamed Candy Brand] is, has been, and will always be your choice for a sweet relief during the holiday season. Whether it's adorning your crafts, or taking center stage, it can't be neglected. Sweeten up your life, with [Unnamed Candy Brand].

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