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5 Things You Deal With When You're Dating A Freelance Musician

So you've decided you're going to date/fall in love with/spend your time with a freelance musician trying to make it in this jungle we call the big city. Here are a few things you're going to encounter along the way.

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1. Scheduling Conflicts

You want the freedom of a free-wheeling post-work evening, and an early evening before work tomorrow, but you've just remembered you've got to hear him rock out at some downtown club..... and the gig begins at 10:30 PM.

2. Lugging Equipment

You're a working stiff, what are you doing maneuvering a keyboard, two amps and a bass up the subway stairs at 3:00 AM in West Harlem? WHOSE LOVE IS WORTH THIS??

3. Making Introductions

You have a title, you're an assistant, it roles off the tongue easily. Arrange/composer/vocal coach/pianist/icantfitthisonabusinesscard is less so, but you're proud of his diversity of skills, of course. So you tell the rest of your square, cubicle-dwelling friends about him at every turn.

4. Weird Sounds

It is 9:00 AM on a Saturday and you did not sign up to be awoken by the Hammond B 3 he found in a junk yard in Queens and which he is now refurbing for use in his 60s psychedelic pop project. BUT LAST NIGHT WAS SO FUN. But this morning is an organ-filled horror shitshow. CHOOSE WISELY.

5. How He Can Charm the Pants Off of You

You hate the lugging of instruments, you have a lot of questions about the uncertain career path, you're constantly scheduling and rescheduling to make time with each other, and you really want him to stop playing that glockenspiel at ungodly hours of the night. But the boy wrote you your very own song that makes you weak in the knees. And you know you're not willing to give it all up without a fight. So you're saying YES to this crazy freelance musician life, honey, and you're never looking back.

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