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    • pmangan

      “Most everyone I talk to says he needs to be tried and hung, forget the trial and just hang him.” This pretty much sums it up. The defense contractor, through his statement, has essentially reaffirmed precisely why Edward Snowden’s actions were necessary - because many of those in power have no respect for the rule of law and why it exists in the first place.  These contractors, intelligence officers, operators, and politicians have forgotten that the entire purpose of their profession is to defend the constitution. That document, and the meaning behind it, is the only thing worth defending. Their reckless disregard for the principles this country established at its founding, demonstrates either the extent of their ignorance, or the cavernous depth of their corruption. Our government can’t protect us from every terror in the universe, no matter how much it might posture to the contrary. At least, one would hope, it could protect us from itself. What’s even worse is that so many of these ‘terrors’ are the result of our own government’s failure to understand the laws of causality. These phantoms that we ‘need’ protection from are the inevitable consequence of our own incompetence in international arenas we should have never entered. These threats and dangers wouldn’t exist if we hadn’t created them.  Unfortunately, since our government is controlled, not by the people, but the whims of a shadow aristocracy, the future holds only more of the same - and worse. Hopefully the American people will begin to notice.

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