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    • pluscrimethink

      Not even funny when you experience something like it for yourself. There are plenty of men like this.. I’ve seen worse. She definitely has a very warped self-image but she could also have (to make it quantifiable) BPD (borderline personality disorder). This kind of person can be abusive and will usually get involved in messy, cyclical relationships. They have trouble with emotional regulation and empathy, and they will do and say anything to their S.O. to have their own needs met. It’s dangerous but their flawed cognitive processing caused by the disorder, however it had stemmed, isn’t exactly intentional. Hurt people hurt people. She needs help but it’s just sad all around. There probably wasn’t much he could do in that situation without getting involved and making things worse for both of them anyway. I see some others also took notice of the BPD aspects… my heart really goes out to those with a higher risk of suicide. It’s hard to care for enemies/abusers/the crazy ‘clingy’ people sometimes. Just gotta remember their situation, try your very best to understand, and definitely keep yourself safe.

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