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10 Jamie Lynn Spears Songs That Have Potential To Be Huge Hits

Jamie Lynn Spears is best known for being Britney Spears's Little Sister but in a weird twist Jamie Lynn Spears became a country Music singer/songwriter. She's a pretty damn good at it to. So here are 10 songs that have the potential to be huge hits.

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10. I'm Still Waiting

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"I'm Still Waiting" is a song written indirectly about her relationship with her ex-boyfriend "Casey Aldridge." The songs shows the emotional remorse of being in Love with someone who isn't completely committed to the relationship and realizing when to walk away. Lyrically, emotionally, and production wise this song could easily crack into mainstream music.

Favorite Lyric: "I use to think love could fix anything now I'm not so sure."

9. It's Gonna Lift

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Also Known as "Lift" the song is an uplifting song that shows even during one of your darkest days there is light waiting to shine through.

Best Lyric: "Right now I'm hurting but I know for certain that I'm gonna wake up One Day and the sun is gonna lift."

8. All I Am Is Gone

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A song Jamie wrote specifically for someone who is in a bad relationship and just needs to be gone. Favorite lyric: "There's no fear and no tears it's all here ahead of me"

7. Watch it Burn

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Watch it Burn is a great blend of new Jamie and old Jamie. A song about getting a potential lover over the hurdle of a break up the song fits country easily.

Favorite lyric: "You don't have to be alone, in the world all alone it's a battle that you just can't win"

6. I Look Up To You

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This cute song is an ode to her older sister channeling there undeniable bond it will make any fan of the spears girls tear up. A fan favorite among many.

"How do you repay the love somebody gave?"

5. Pink Lipstick

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The perfect fun, flirty, and just all out enjoyable song.

"So play the strings on my heart like pawn shop guitar."

4. Miss Mississippi

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Everything about this song screams a hit! While her older version that was more bluesy would have increased the likely hood of a hit it's still great all and all.

"If you wanna get me figured out you better pack it up and take a trip down south.."

3. Louisiana Bound

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This toe tapping tune proves that Jamie can Rock it in country music.

"Every day's a celebration just like martigras"

2. When The Lights Go Out

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An incredible emotional tune that will tug at anyone's heart. Jamie wrote this song for her daughter, not only does she sound beautiful the song is one of her best written songs!

"I had to walk away from that revolving door it only takes me right back to where I was before"

1. Sleepover

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The song that re launched Jamie's career! This song is just perfect co written by hit maker Liz Rose it's bound to be a hit!

"Give me that front porch good night kiss, give me that look In Your eyes like this"

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