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Playboy Reveals The U.S. World Cup Jerseys

This jersey showed up at Playboy HQ yesterday in a metal case, hand-delivered by a Nike emissary in a tuxedo. We got the code to open the case this morning, and thought we'd reveal the jersey as only we could...

PlayboyNews 9 years ago

10 Ways to Suck in Bed

Fellas, before you tweet to the world you just got laid – you better read this article.

PlayboyNews 10 years ago

Tara Reid Poses Nude for Playboy [Photo]

Playboy confirms: Tara Reid will appear naked in the Jan/Feb issue of Playboy Magazine. From the sample picture, the American Pie actress is looking pretty hot these days.

PlayboyNews 10 years ago

The Speidi Interview With Playboy

They hold nothing back, and have a message for Brad and Angelina: "Consider this your formal invitation, Brangelina. Let's hang out sometime. We'll be SpeidiLina!" It's an entertaining interview about their new book "How To Be Famous" -- out on Monday, Nov. 16. And it's complete with a dose of Heidi's haterade. Enjoy!

PlayboyNews 10 years ago

Hugh Hefner: The Early Years of Hef and Playboy [Video]

This is awesome, rare video footage of a young Hef as he started Playboy in Chicago. With scenes from the his childhood, first office in Chicago, Playboy Clubs, early sketches from the magazine, and much more history!

PlayboyNews 10 years ago

Chelsea Handler NUDE in Playboy!

It's true: Chelsea Handler poses naked for Playboy Magazine! But, unlike Olivia Munn, will she show you the "goods"? You'll have to wait and see the pics! The December issue hits newsstands Nov. 13th.

PlayboyNews 10 years ago

WAGs of the 2009 MLB Championship Series

Coed Magazine brings the flip book everyone's curious about: hot wives and girlfriends of MLB's playoff heroes. Girls dating A-Rod, Jeter, and find out who's the real Swisher sweetie.

PlayboyNews 10 years ago

Stephen King's Terrifying New Poem in Playboy Magazine

The master of terror has returned with an exclusive and terrifying new narrative -- "The Bone Church" -- and it's exclusively featured in the November 2009 issue of Playboy Magazine. It's King's latest work, and is pure genius. You can read the full poem on their website.

PlayboyNews 10 years ago