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Nick Offerman And Megan Mullally Are Really Into Puzzles And It's Totally Adorable

Ron Swanson and Karen Walker love themselves a good jigsaw.

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You may be familiar with the sexiest couple in Hollywood, Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman:


You might also know them as Karen Walker and Ron Swanson.


From Will & Grace


From Parks and Recreation

But were you aware that they are serious puzzle enthusiasts?


Just look at them imitating this old-timey jigsaw they proudly completed:

MAGNOLIA MORNING @Nick_Offerman #puzzlebush

And here they are putting this flower-clad infant to shame:

Or how about this mid-puzzle shot of Nick looking like a sweet little cherub:

Sometimes they're less than impressed with the end result:

And sometimes they bring friends along for the wild ride:

THE LION AND THE LAMB @Nick_Offerman Special Guest Star: @ConanOBrien He is risen #puzzlebush

But puzzling is really a couple thing for them:

THE BLESSED HOPE it's all happening. @Nick_Offerman @GOP

Cutest. Couple. Ever.


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