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20 Times Erin Foster Was The Most Relatable Person On Twitter

Erin's struggles are our struggles.

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1. When she commented on contemporary fashion trends.

If Normcore is having no style, I've been doing that for years and no one has ever thought it was cool.

2. When she put herself first

I'm a great friend in that I really want good things to happen for you, I just want them to happen to me first.


3. When she tried to blend in with her surroundings.

I just hid in my car from someone I went on 3 dates with and then never called again. I thought being an adult would look cooler than this.

4. When she found it a bit difficult to let go of the past.

My boyfriend from 5th grade just got married and i actually had the thought, "Well, someone moves on fast, doesn't he?"

5. When her front camera wronged her

Wait, if the way I look on FaceTime is how I look in real life then i have a whole new category of things to be insecure about.

6. When she mastered the art of modern literary analysis.

When I compare the differences and similarities between all 4 Twilight books and all 3 Fifty Shades books, I realize I need to get a life.


7. When she embraced her single status.

I need a manicure more than i need a husband.

8. When she wasn't a culinary genius.

Sometimes I really think I have my shit together and then I go to a salad bar and choose combinations that create an inedible meal.

9. When she took a bold approach to dating.

Just asked the food delivery guy if he wanted to come in from the rain and have a glass of wine, but it was a no go.

10. When her friends didn't respect her talent.

No matter how loud I sing in front of my friends, none of them comment on how good my voice is.


11. When she came to terms with Miley's antics.

Whenever I catch myself feeling impressed with how edgy Miley Cyrus is, I remind myself that she starred in "LOL" two years ago.

12. When she accidentally revealed her level of social media stalking.

When creepin someone's Instagram you have to be really careful to not double tap a pic from 108 weeks ago. Lesson learned.

13. When she struggled with household tasks.

The hardest thing I've had to deal with in my life is getting the comforter cover onto the comforter by myself.

14. When she contemplated romance.

I just heard the most beautiful song on the radio called "I just wanna fuck every girl in the world". Made me wanna fall in love.


15. When she was unimpressed with the dating pool.

When u have a crush on someone and then find their instagram has 148 pictures they've taken of themselves staring into the camera :-(

16. When she celebrated small accomplishments.

Sometimes I'm just really proud of myself for showering. (i'm 30)

17. When she discovered what she looks for in a man.

Wouldnt it be great if your BF described the difference between u & other girls, the way he describes the difference between HD & standard?

18. When she was all, "ugh, moms."

Now my mom's all, "Even lady gaga got engaged, and with all those weird clothes.. But you still can't figure it out."


19. When she was the subject of gossip.

Someone just told me theres a rumor going around that i got fake boobs and I've literally never been more flattered.

20. When she was stuck between a rock and a hard place.

i can't decide if i should pursue my hopes and dreams or start watching Downton Abbey from the start of season one.

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