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20 Times Kylie Jenner Proved Black Is The Only Color You Need In Your Wardrobe

Black cards, black cars. All black everything.

1. When she made Carmen Sandiego's signature look a little more fashion forward.

2. When she had enviable street style.

3. When she proved there is no need for neon swimwear.

4. When she took Coachella to the next level with this bodysuit.

5. When her shoe game was on point.

6. When she rocked this androgynous look.

7. When she made working out way more fabulous.

8. When she proved that nothing will ever look more badass than a black leather jacket.

9. Exhibit B.

10. When she made ebony lipstick a thing.

11. When she let her hair take center stage.

12. When she effortlessly took this outfit from day to night.

13. When her laid back style still looked fashionable AF.

14. When she outdid Kim and Kendall.

15. When she served up some serious sass.

16. When she made mesh look like the farthest thing from tacky.

17. When she complimented her car interior.

18. When she repped her brother-in-law in style.

19. When she killed it in a crop top.

20. When she rocked a serious smokey eye.

Way to go, King Kylie