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    17 Times Melanie Martinez Slayed The Style Game On Instagram

    She's adorably creepy.

    1. This is Melanie Martinez, songstress and all-around fashion queen:

    2. Her style is anything but ordinary.

    3. Like, she literally looks like she walked out of Candyland, in the best way.

    4. She also looks like a freaking queen 24/7.

    5. Her accessories are always on point.

    6. And sickeningly cute.

    7. She never forgets about her manicure.

    8. Plus, her hair is a Tumblr dream.

    9. Cruella De Vil ain't got nothin' on her.

    10. Her makeup is insanely perfect.

    11. She's straight out of a magazine.

    12. Her brows are ever-changing, but always perfect.

    13. Don't even get us started on her tiny-but-adorable tattoos.

    14. She just exudes originality.

    15. Her outfits always make a statement.

    16. And she's potentially Wednesday Addams' lost pastel goth twin.

    17. And even when she's dressed down, she's killin' it.

    Stay weird and stay perfect, Melanie.

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