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17 Reasons Zoë Kravitz Should Be Your Style Icon

Badass AF.

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1. First off, she's nailed the jeans and a T-shirt look:

2. And she might just be a real life fairy princess:

3. Her 4th of July look was anything but boring:

4. Her makeup is never not enviable:

5. Her jewelry game is always on point:

6. She can rock leg chains like no one else:

7. She looks hella cool in a biker jacket:

8. And she looks killer with a septum ring:

9. She can pull off even the most outrageous numbers:

10. She does Daisy Dukes better than Daisy Duke:

11. And she has the hair of a goddess:

12. Her red carpet style is unparalleled:

13. UN 👏 PAR 👏 AL 👏 LELED:

14. She was undeniably the most beautiful badass in Cannes:

15. She makes double denim look fashionable AF:

16. She's not afraid to show a little skin:

17. And, her beachwear is better (as in, A LOT better) than your average bikini:
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