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    17 Pieces Of Oreo Art More Beautiful Than The "Mona Lisa"

    Seriously too pretty to eat.

    1. This Kylie cookie:

    2. This itty bitty Iris Apfel:

    3. This edible shout out to Edvard Munch:

    4. This iced portrait of Frida Kahlo:

    5. This Katy Perry confection:

    6. This pop culture staple:

    7. This too-good-to-eat mini van Gogh:

    8. This miniature Matisse:

    9. This sweet tribute to Robin Williams:

    10. This Hokusai dupe:

    11. This Picasso look-alike:

    12. This tasty Guns N' Roses logo:

    13. This van Gogh-reo:

    14. This nod to the 6ix god:

    15. This small but mighty Marie Antoinette:

    16. These beach babes:

    17. And this extremely grumpy cookie:

    Now, go forth and create! 🎨


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