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15 Times Adam Levine And Behati Prinsloo Gave Us Serious Relationship Goals

♫ I don't wanna be needing your love, I just wanna be deep in your love... ♫

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1. When they were the most precious first class flyers:

2. When they were the best looking duo to ever cruise around in a golf cart:

3. When they got a little ~spooky~:

4. When they made gore look good:

5. When Behati became Adam's stylist:

6. When they served some serious blue steel:

7. When they discovered this fun couples' activity:

8. When they took Coachella by storm:

9. When they slayed the red carpet at the Emmy Awards:

10. When they took a casual dip on the golf course:

11. When Adam saved Behati from a nip-slip:

12. When they won best couple costume by a landslide:

13. When they were the best dressed pair at the Golden Globes:

14. When they were beer pong champs:

15. And when Adam serenaded Behati in front of thousands:
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