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The Definitive Ranking Of Male Doctors On "Grey's Anatomy"

From McDreamy to McSteamy to McReallyReallyHot, it was a list that had to be made. *SPOILERS AHEAD*, OBV

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13. Dr. Charles Percy

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Dr. Percy wasn't bad, per se. But we barely got to know him during his time at Seattle Grace Mercy West, and when we did, he was often being a douchebag. Points for the incredibly emotional death scene, but we don't miss him much. Or often remember him. Oops.

12. Dr. Shane Ross

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SO MANY THINGS. Shane was obsessive. He obsessed over Cristina (remember when he slept with her? Actually, remember how he offered to? Ewwww.), obsessed over his work, obsessed over competition that he essentially made up in his head (no, Shane, Heather was not trying to steal neuro from you!). He was also awkward, and not in a cute way. And then he pretty much indirectly (or directly, your pick) caused the deaths of Heather Brooks and Alex's dad. We had fleeting moments of pity for Shane, but mostly we're just glad he left for Switzerland.

11. Dr. Robert Stark


Ew, Dr. Stark. For one thing, when he came onto Pediatrics, he wasn't Arizona. For another, he was mean. And he yelled a lot. Oh, and he kind of seemed to hate children. We occasionally saw proof of his heart's existence, like when he spoke highly of April to Dr. Hunt. Still, we don't miss him.


10. Dr. Preston Burke

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Here's the thing about Burke. People either love him, or they hate him. Sure, he's an impressive cardio surgeon, and he had some interesting story lines. But as Dr. Bailey once said to him, "I think you're cocky, arrogant, bossy, and pushy. You have a God complex. You never think about anybody but your damn self." Plus, HE LEFT CRISTINA AT THE ALTAR. Granted, it ended up working out great for her, but HE LEFT CRISTINA AT THE ALTAR.

9. Dr. Finn Dandridge

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Alright, you're probably thinking, "What the heck is a veterinarian doing on this list?!" Well, A) vets deserve your respect too and B) Finn was pretty cool, no lie. He was good with animals, sweet, and dark. Unfortunately, he was just kind of bland. And he wasn't McDreamy. Sorry, Finn; you might've been "the guy," but you weren't Meredith's "guy."

8. Dr. Ben Warren

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Dr. Warren kicks butt in a lot of ways. First, he was a rockin' anesthesiologist who proved himself right against Bailey — BAILEY! Then he proved that you're never too old to try something new and became a surgical resident. Not to mention he and Bailey are adorable. We just don't get to see much of Dr. Warren as of late, nor do we know much about him beyond his relationship with Bailey. But we're glad he's there.

7. Dr. Derek Shepherd

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Ugh, McDreamy! YOU'RE KILLIN' US HERE! On one hand, Derek is an insanely talented neurosurgeon with insanely good hair. Plus he's one-half of the McDream Team (whether that's him and Meredith or him and Mark, you decide). But on the other, Derek can be a bit of an egotistical jerk sometimes, especially in recent seasons. Too often do we find ourselves wanting to channel Meredith and just say, "McDreamy is being a McAss!"


6. Dr. Richard Webber

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Ah, Chief (he'll always be the chief) Webber. The glue that holds Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital together. Dr. Webber is smart, kind, brave, and an excellent surgeon and administrator. Unfortunately, he sometimes can't see past the end of his nose — or rather, his hospital. But we love him anyway.

5. Dr. Jackson Avery

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The doctor Ellen DeGeneres endearingly dubbed "McReallyReallyHot"— and deservedly so. Avery proved his worth when he brilliantly made the shooter from Season 6 think Derek had died (our hearts are still racing!), and then he pulled that little girl from a burning bus in Season 9 (*swoon*). We just haven't really seen Jackson do much surgically, at least not lately, but maybe that's just because he was busy proclaiming his love for April at her wedding and then helping her cope with the heartbreaking loss of their child. #JAPRIL4LIFE.

4. Dr. Owen Hunt

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*swoons again* Dr. Hunt came onto the scene as a handsome soldier with a take-no-prisoners attitude and no hesitations about STAPLING UP HIS OWN WOUNDS — without pain meds! And his tumultuous, passionate relationship with Cristina was one for the books. In recent seasons, Dr. Hunt has toned down a bit, likely because the Chief position was kind of thrust upon him without warning, but he still rocks. And while our hearts may still be mending from Cristina's departure, we're excited to see how Dr. Hunt stands alone.

3. Dr. Alex Karev

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*swoons a third time* Remember when Alex was Evil Spawn? He's come a long way. We all first really fell for Alex when he got a baby's vitals back to normal by holding her SHIRTLESS, and from there, his work as a pediatric doctor made him that much more attractive (I mean, he brought an entire plane full of African orphans to the hospital! Come ON!). He still occasionally acts like a jerk, but in a lovable sort of way. He's just had to deal with a LOT of crazy— which is why we're willing to let him and Jo just be happy (even though we secretly wish we had him instead).

2. Dr. George O'Malley

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Oh, George. Here come the tears. George won our hearts practically from the moment we met him. He was sweet, brave, and a little awkward, but in the most endearing way. You couldn't help but root for George, even as he stumbled through relationships and fell for the wrong girl time and again. Plus, he was so much more talented than he gave himself credit for. Remember the heart in the elevator? GO GEORGE! O'Malley was by far the most relatable intern of the original five. We miss him so. RIP, 007. You make the Season 5 finale almost too heart-wrenching to watch.

1. Dr. Mark Sloan

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As if the previous doctor wasn't enough: FEELS. HERE COME ALL THE FEELS. Mark was a little bit of everything — a womanizer, sure, but he admitted it. Sloan was a great plastic surgeon, a great best friend, an even better father, funny, caring — Oh — and DEFINITELY McSteamy. It was hard to hate him even when he did stupid things because he was just so dang great. And when we think of him and Lexie, well, our tears become waterfalls. Mark Sloan was a fantastic character, and we miss him more every episode. RIP, Dr. Sloan. *wipes tear* We love you.

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