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    38 Stereotypes Of The Walking Dead

    Every Walking Dead fan is sick of hearing critics comment on how formulaic each episode is. But you know what, we really don't care. Here are a few things that keep getting more and more out of hand as the seasons go on (but I'm not complaining).

    New People Die Faster and Faster

    Carol Gets More Street Cred

    ...And More Unpredictable

    And A Lot More Intense

    Cars Look Better and Better

    Actually Every Car Keeps Getting a Little More Ridiculous

    That's Why the Show is Called "Hyundai Presents The Walking Dead"

    Rick Becomes Less Involved in Carl's Life

    More Stuff and More Things


    And Thangsss

    Stuff (and things) Keep Escalating Quicker

    What Did I Say? Escalating Quickly...

    Kids Are Growing Up Too Fast

    Lizzie Only Got Crazier

    ...And a Worse Babysitter

    Walkers Keep Coming Out of Nowhere

    People's Hair Keeps Getting More Out of Hand

    Let's Be Honest, Carl Has Been Eating a Lot More Pudding Lately

    And People Keep Arguing

    Maggie Gets More Clingy

    Also Maggie Has Been Increasingly Violent

    Herschel Gradually Became Santa

    ...Until Finally...

    And Don't Even Get Me Started on Carl's Evolution

    Compare That to This

    Remeber When Carl Killed that One Kid from Woodbury


    But At Least the Lori Jokes Never Get Old

    Like Ever

    But Daryl's Been Bringing His 'A' Game Since Day 1

    And His Hair Keeps Getting Longer

    Annnd His Kills Keep Getting Bigger

    Infact, Daryl Will Eventually Be Able to Infect Zombies

    And We Keep Falling Harder for Daryl

    And We Keep Wondering, How Do These People Keep Living?

    But No Matter What. The Main Characters Won't Die. Like Ever.

    And Most Of All, We Keep Coming Back For More