Have You Ever Put Alcohol In A Water Bottle? Shots iGot Will Tell You The # Of Shots In It!

Shots iGot lets you measure the number of shots in over 40 different bottles. Available on the App Store.

Have you ever poured a drink into a water bottle? I bet you didn’t know how many shots were in there. Shots iGot lets you virtually fill up your bottle to see the number of shots at any given level.

With over 40 bottle shapes and sizes to choose from, Shots iGot technology takes into account EVERY curve in your bottle.
Making a mixed drink? No problem, turn on the “MIXER” option!

Shots iGot even has a camera feature which allows you to take a picture of your own bottles to import directly into the app.
Use your own picture to virtually match the EXACT height in your bottle and check back later to see how much you started with.

-Accuracy to the 1/10 of a shot
-Standardized 1.5oz shots
-Over 40 classic bottles to choose from
-Capable of calculating mixed drinks
-Camera integration allows users to save pictures of real bottles

The human brain has a surprisingly tough time with geometry and often can’t accurately gauge volume. On average, estimates deviate from true volume by 20-40%, often leading to over-pouring and irresponsible decisions. As college students, we see the consequences of over-drinking firsthand and recognize the potential for this simple app to serve as a cool “harm reduction” tool. Next time take a minute to see how many “Shots iGot”, and POUR RESPONSIBLY!


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