Deb Fries
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  • Play Expedition Africa

    Now, like Henry Morton Stanley’s 1871 perilous journey to find Dr. Livingstone, you can take your turn in the Expedition Africa game. Your mission is to trek the 970 miles within 100 days risking your porter’s lives from the large variety of beasts and disease. Simple Yahtzee-style dice rolling strategy dictates your fortunes for each day of the trip. Keep the dice you want, re-roll the ones you don’t want, up to three times and then reassess your fortunes. Between Zanzibar and Ujiji, there are 970 miles of high seas, steep hillsides, scorching plains, fast-moving rivers and mud-filled swamps. Danger lurks around every corner, and any step could be your last – watch your food and weapons and trade to gather the treasures needed for your porters survival – and the survival of your expedition! Expedition Africa can also be played on Facebook where friends can challenge each other and a version is in development for the iPhone.

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