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    Two Washi Tape Projects Anyone Can Do

    Washi tape: it's like the most foolproof crafting item ever.

    1. Ice Cream Necklace

    This adorable pendant was created by Alexandra at Into the Woods.

    Materials: Washi tape, a laser cut wood pendant (or you can draw a template and cut one out from cardboard as pictured), a chain with a fastener already attached, a jump ring, one sheet of cardstock, one sheet of decorative paper (keep in mind that this will be used for the cone portion of your pendant), a hot glue gun, scissors, and a pen.

    Trace the ice cream portion of your pendant onto the cardstock. Cut out the shape. Cut it in a wave-like pattern for the bottom of the scoop.

    Layer the washi tape across the cut-out. The pendant shown used four pieces for optimum color.

    Trim away the excess tape.

    Cut out the cone shape of the pendant. Use the pendant as a guide on your decorative paper.

    Cover the cone in glue. If you are using sheer paper, be sure to use full coverage for the best result.

    Evenly press the paper onto the cone. Trim away the excess.

    Glue on the washi tape scoop. Line it up evenly with the top portion of the pendant.

    Attach the jump ring. If you're using a wooden pendant, pull the jump ring through the drilled hole. If your pendant is cardboard, use something sharp to poke a hole through the top of the pendant, such as a metal skewer. Thread your chain through the jump ring.

    That's it! A cute summer necklace for summer. You could use a similar method with a leaf or pumpkin for fall.

    2. Decorative Closet Doors

    Molly at Almost Makes Perfect came up with this unique way to spruce up your bedroom.

    Supplies: two rolls of washi tape, an xacto knife with a new sharp blade, measuring tape (or a yardstick), and scissors.

    Measure the first door you’ll be taping. If you have three doors like shown, do the middle first so that you can base the other doors' designs off of it. Using painters tape or a pencil, figure out where you want the design on the door. The doors shown are decorated about 3.5" from the edge.

    Just start taping! You can use exact measurements, or just eyeball it. Do your long lines first, step back and see if they look straight, then tape the corners off and step back. The washi tape is perfect for this because you can un-tape the lines multiple times and restick them. Just make sure not to press down your tape hard onto the door until you’re happy with each line.

    Overlap your corner pieces. If you like the look of the corners overlapping, you can leave them that way; gently trace around the edges using the xacto blade and carefully peel off the remaining tape. If you don’t want to overlap the edges, just cut the edge above the other side.

    Triple check that the lines look straight enough. Then rub all the tape down with your hand to get it really stuck to the door.

    Repeat with the other two doors. Match the tape layout to the first door.

    Finished! Your bedroom has a whole new vibe.

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