2 Stylish Watchbands You Can Make Yourself

Try these easy and quick ways to upgrade your wristwear.

Constantly checking your smartphone for the time isn’t exactly chic. Try making one of these pretty watches instead. There are lots of cool vintage watch faces available online- or you may have an old one lying around.

2. First up, Stephanie from Henry Happened celebrates this season’s translucent trend with a pop of color.

The supplies you’ll need: an old watch or just a watch face, clear vinyl, one screw-in button stud, an Xacto knife or scissors, flat back gems, nail polish, and jewel glue.

Cut off the band of an old watch. Be careful to cut so that you keep the bar on either side of the watch face.

Measure your wrist with a tape measure and decide how long you want the band to be. I cut mine so that it would loop once- about 14” long. Then measure the width of the bars of the watch face (this will vary depending on the size of your watch). Then cut your piece of vinyl.

Slide the vinyl through the bars of of the watch face. At one end, cut a small slit.

Attach a screw stud through the small slit.

Put the band around your wrist and cut off any excess length. Then make another small hole on the other side of the band for the stud to fit through.

Time to decorate! Paint a few jewels with nail polish and glue them onto the band in a pattern that you like.

Finished! A watchband thats bright and light- perfect for Spring.

Materials you’ll need: an old watch face, jump rings, a clasp, pliers, some broken jewelry- single earrings, beads, and connectors are all perfect for this.

11. Next up, Elle from Love Ellie Belle turns old jewelry into new.

Remove your watch face. If your watch is still connected to the band you can either use pliers or a tiny screwdriver to separate the face from the band.

Attach jump rings to the ends of the watch face. Then use the rest of the rings to connect the jewelry pieces.

Remove hardware. If you’re using old jewelry, use your pliers to remove any hardware (like hooks or clasps).

Keep adding charms. Make sure the sides stay as even in length as possible.

Using a jump ring, add your clasp to one end. Then add a larger jump ring (for closure) on the other end.

And you’re done! A charming watch band with a vintage vibe.

Pippa Armbrester is a quilt maker and designer. Follow her adventures in quilting and in life on her website.

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