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Craft Wars: The Nail Art Challenge

Kick off the New Year with stylish fingertips.

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Good thing it's never too cold to show off your fingers. Here, three beauty bloggers come up with fabulous ways to prep your nails for an evening out — or let's face it, any time of day.

Aggie from Once Over Lightly elegantly layers polish.


Apply the base coat and base color. Aggie used OPI's "Russian Navy" as the royal blue undercoat. Let the nail polish dry completely.

Paint the gold polish over the nails. Remember to let each layer to dry completely before layering up. You may use other colors as well, but metallics are easier to work with since they dry more quickly.


Next up, Maria from Maria Just Do It glams it up with lace.


Last but not least, Ashley from The Shine Project shows off a no-fuss way to get cute and quirky nails.

This is so easy to replicate.

Start by gathering your supplies. You'll need two of your favorite nail polish shades (a bright color and a neutral color looks good), metallic sharpies, and clear nail polish.

Paint four of your nails with your bright polish color, leaving one nail unpainted. Paint the last nail with your neutral color. After applying your second coat, wait until your nails are completely dry.

Take your gold colored Sharpie (or bronze, or silver) and make fun designs on your nails. Doodle shapes, letters, words, your lucky number… anything! Top your designs with clear nail polish (this is very important because otherwise your Sharpie designs will wear off in a matter of hours).


Pippa Armbrester is a quilt maker and designer. Follow her adventures in quilting and life on her website.