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16 Epic Bacon Dishes Every Meat Eater In Melbourne Can Enjoy

These meaty meals are bacon us crazy.

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1. Egg & Bacon Popcorn at Mammoth, Armadale

Crumbled bacon tops this bowl of deliciousness from awesome new Armadale cafe, Mammoth. Is it healthy? Questionable. Genius? Undoubtedly.

2. French Toast with Maple Bacon at Archie’s All Day, Fitzroy

Grilled French toast with sweet potato custard, smoked maple cream, sweet potato jam, spiced pecans, and maple bacon from the breakfast gods at Archie’s. You'll want this all day, every day.

3. Trucker Chips at Mr Burger, Various Locations

Loaded with three types of cheese, crispy diced bacon, and secret sauce, these Trucker Chips will absolutely slay that pork craving.

4. Maple Bacon Doughnut from Doughboys, Various Locations

Instagram: @doughboysdoughnuts

Sweet (yet slightly savoury) dreams are made of this miraculous doughnut from Doughboys.


5. Fat Fries with Bacon Aioli at Temple Brewing, Brunswick East

Instagram: @templebrewing

This bacon sauce is so good you’ll want to drink it. Please also note that this dish is best washed down with a Bicycle Beer or three.

6. Notorious P.I.G. at Shawcross Pizza, Fitzroy

A porcine New York-style pizza pie loaded with pork sausage, bacon, and jalapeños – just what Big Poppa ordered.

7. Smashed Avo with Maple Glazed Bacon at Liar Liar, Hawthorn

Add feta, poached eggs, and dukkah and you’ve got yourself one pukka brunch.

8. Bacon-Wrapped Hot Dogs at Danger Dogs Food Truck, Various Locations

Get more pork on your fork with these tasty snags.


9. Smoked Maple Bacon Ice Cream Sandwich at Bluebonnet BBQ, Carlton

A bacon dessert that might just make you cry actual tears of joy.

10. Thick Cut Bacon at Wide Open Road, Brunswick

This Brunswick beauty comes with a gruyere potato cake, poached eggs, beetroot relish, rocket, and chipotle mayo.

11. Breakfast Salad at Patch, Richmond

What’s more ~paleo~ than bacon? Add a side to your brekkie salad at healthy hangout, Patch. Because it's all about finding that balance.

12. Rowdy Double Cheeseburger at Easey’s, Collingwood

This epic burger from Melbourne’s rooftop train carriage burger joint might have double beef and double American cheddar, but it’s really all about that super crispy bacon.


13. Cornbread Doughnut with Maple Bacon Glaze at Ike’s Rack Shack, Carlton

Is this dessert, a side, or an entrée? Best order three to find out.

14. Potato Hash with Kale & Double Smoked Bacon at Proud Mary, Collingwood

Crunchy, golden potato hash, runny poached egg, crispy kale and juicy, thick-cut bacon… Oh Mary, you’ve outdone yourself.

15. Pumpkin Pie French Toast at The Premises, Kensington

This devilishly decadent sweetie pie from The Premises comes with baked custard, cinnamon mascarpone, pretzel crunch and that all-important maple bacon.

16. Salted Caramel, Bourbon and Maple Bacon Spiked Shake at Grand Trailer Park Taverna, Melbourne CBD

Grand Trailer Park brings all the boys and babes to the yard with their spiked shakes. Like this salted caramel and bourbon confection, topped with a shard of sweet, crispy, candied bacon. Drool.