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    21 Painfully Awkward Band Photos

    What happens when you don't hire a decent stylist.

    1. Chastity Belt

    2. Swamp Dogg

    3. Carlos

    4. Alla Pugatjova

    5. Turds of Misery

    6. Young Fire

    7. Dick Black

    8. Gary

    9. Kevin Rowland

    10. Tule Kanssani Kylpyyn

    11. Mac Gert Jonnys

    12. Tennessee Ernie Ford

    13. Vincent Caprella

    14. Ken

    15. This excellent compilation

    16. Millie Jackson

    17. Joyce

    18. The Faith Tones

    19. Tozovac

    20. The Travellers Blues Band

    21. Brainstorm