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    21 Painfully Awkward Band Photos

    What happens when you don't hire a decent stylist.

    1. Chastity Belt


    No chastity belt is required — thanks, ladies. This is just plain terrifying.

    2. Swamp Dogg


    Snoop Dogg's estranged uncle.

    3. Carlos


    Those bubbles aren't from the bubble bath...

    4. Alla Pugatjova


    I don't know about you, but I wouldn't trust this guy to save my life.

    5. Turds of Misery


    As opposed to turds of happiness?

    6. Young Fire


    This just screams, "You will like our album or we'll come after you, your mother, your sister, your brother, your cousin, and your cousin's cousin."

    7. Dick Black


    This one's a little hard to swallow.

    8. Gary


    No, Gary, no!

    9. Kevin Rowland


    Who let Buffalo Bill out of prison to pose for this album cover?

    10. Tule Kanssani Kylpyyn


    You know what, I think I'll take a shower...

    11. Mac Gert Jonnys


    What is this? Christmas for leprechauns?

    12. Tennessee Ernie Ford


    Do we need to talk about it?

    13. Vincent Caprella

    Via Facebook: FeierFreundePartys

    Double take, is that junk hanging out or just really awful flesh-colored undies?

    14. Ken


    Ken's still waiting.

    15. This excellent compilation

    16. Millie Jackson

    17. Joyce



    18. The Faith Tones

    Via Facebook: JesusDeTijuana

    What led to the creation of Faith No More.

    19. Tozovac


    Clearly overcompensating.

    20. The Travellers Blues Band


    "The Traveller Blues Band Tenerife are know to be one of the best live bands on the Island of Tenerife." *They're also the only band on the island.

    21. Brainstorm


    They clearly didn't brainstorm this idea for long enough.

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