18 Things To Do In Sydney

Screw the travel blogs. Here’s what you should actually do when you’re in Sydney.

1. 1. Visit The Boat House at Palm Beach.

This is the actual best waterfront cafe in Sydney.

2. 2. Eat a crocodile pizza at The Australian Hotel in The Rocks.

3. Just don’t wave a child in front of a real one.

4. 3. Go Surfing at Bondi Beach. You might come across a whale.

Whatever anyone tells you, don’t touch the whale.

5. 4. Eat a gelato hamburger from Gelato Messina in Darlinghurst.

Yes. This is real. You won’t ever regret doing this.

6. 5. Go snorkelling at Gordon’s Bay.

It’s the best local snorkelling spot, between Bondi and Coogee.

7. 6. Go to a gig at Oxford Arts Factory in Darlinghurst.

Pip Cowley / Via photos.vmusic.com.au

One of the best intimate live music venues in Sydney.

8. 7. Hold a koala at Taronga Zoo.

Because they’re adorable and who doesn’t like an animal that sits around and gets stoned on eucalyptus leaves all day.

9. But don’t try to ride a kangaroo. This doesn’t happen.

10. 8. Get pizza at Frankie’s at 2am.

It’ll save you from grabbing a dirty kebab on the walk home from a night out. And they’re bloody delicious.

12. 9. Drive to the Blue Mountains and visit The Three Sisters.

For a breathtaking view of The Great Dividing Range.

13. 10. Go skydiving in Wollongong.


14. Your face will end up looking terrifying like this.

But the view is incredible.

15. 11. Go shopping on King St in Newtown.

It’s great for people watching, plus there are plenty of bars to stop into if you get thirsty.

16. 12. Catch the ferry from Circular Quay to Manly and grab a chilli margarita from Chica Bonita.

One of the best ways to see Sydney Harbour.

17. 13. Visit North Head at sunset.

It’s real pretty.

18. 14. Watch an AFL game at the Sydney Cricket Ground.

The game may confuse the f**k out of you, but the atmosphere is unbeatable.

19. 15. Don’t try to ride the monorail.

It’s closed.

20. 16. Eat fish and chips on the beach.

Australian’s favourite pastime after drinking beer.

21. But don’t feed the seagulls. They will attack you.

Especially if you’re Chris Brown.

22. 17. Go to a trivia night at Good God Small Club.

The best trivia in Sydney and great hotdogs.

23. 18. See a show at The Red Rattler in Marrickville.

One of Sydney’s live performance hidden gems, amongst the secret warehouse district.

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