The Hottest AC-Related Tweets From Last Nights Spurs Finals Game

The Spurs found a way to beat the heat, not to mention the team from Miami. Stay cool and enjoy the best AC related tweets from last night’s LeBron Leg Cramp game.

Those of us at the game noticed the temperature steadily rising. The AT&T Center turned from a comfortable environment to a full fledged sauna. People started using accordion-styled noise makers to fan themselves. The floor was so slick with condensation that I nearly ate it walking down the stairs. I knew something was up but it was confirmed with a fateful text from my brother: the air conditioning was out.

2. Getting the News

3. Let’s Take a Quick Trip to New Braunfels

4. The Spurs Always Play Two Opponents (But Typically It’s The Refs and the Other Team)

5. My Vote Would Be for Tio Chuy

6. There Was a Unique Odor

BREAKING: the media section smells terrible

— ESPN SA (@ESPN1250)

7. A True Fan Suffers With His Team

Air conditioner has be turned off in the apartment. If the @spurs have to go through it so do I. #GoSpursGo

— Richard (@Darth_Noob_83)

8. Even the Water Company Got in the Action

Remember @spurs fans: hand-held water canons only in the @attcenter during Stage 2 restrictions. ;) #GoSpursGo


9. Then There Was the Inevitable Parody Account

im sorry guys

— Spurs AC (@ACspurs_)

10. “You Know, Back In My Day…”

Spurs so old, they don't play with air conditioning.

— Mr. SoloDolo (@tzarranz)

11. It’s a Conspiracy I Tell Ya!

No airconditioning? Wow lemme guess spurs practiced all week without air conditioning. nba is sketchy

— Ryan Wilkins (@RyanWilkins31)

12. He IS the Best in the Business

PROPS TO THE @SpursCoyote for surviving the game without #Cramps ! #GoSpursGo #DriveForFive

— Hex Fernandez (@Dios_Rockero)

13. There is a Lot of $$$ for Copper at the Salvage Yard

How much you wanna bet all the copper is missing from the AC units. Only in San Anto.

— Bartholomew (@nastynate1120)

14. And Finally, the Classic Coach Pop Quote

Gregg Popovich is glad Spurs have two days off to sort out AT&T Center's air-conditioning issues.

— SportsCenter (@SportsCenter)

Garrett Heath is a content marketer at Rackspace and maintains SA Flavor, a local San Antonio blog on food and culture.

Top image via Champion AC.

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