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10 Tricks For Creating The Ultimate Easter Brunch

The brunch of all brunches! Impress your family with a dish to complement the most important meal of Easter with Pillsbury Bacon, Egg and Cheese Brunch Ring!

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1. Up your folding skills a notch in the cutest way possible with an easy bunny-shaped napkin!


Because bunny ears just make everything more "eggcellent." Learn how to fold these fun ears here!

2. Or give your napkin bundles that "freshly picked from the vegetable garden" look.

Courtesy of Our Best Bites / ourbestbites.com

Bonus: No cleanup after brunch is over! Directions to these carrot bundles here.

3. Give your Easter cookie cutters a second life by making classy (yet colorful) place settings!


Because if you're going to allow kids to have jellybeans as an appetizer, this is the time and the place.

6. Let your family know they're about to have the brunch of a lifetime by welcoming them with an Easter banner.


Nothing like being greeted the minute you pull up to the house. Easily print out and create this festive banner here!

8. Display easy pom-pom chicks to keep your family company during the meal.

You can hang them over the table or hide them around the room. Learn how to make these little creatures here.

9. And invite some fun, kid-friendly party gifts to keep your kids company during the meal!

Simple paper ornaments or origami are just what these little bunnies ordered!

10. End your perfect brunch with coffee and the cutest sugar cubes anyone has ever laid eyes on.


Because, if there's one thing we've all learned, bunnies just make everything better. Get the sugar cubes here!

But the best part of any brunch? THE FOOD! Prepare a fabulous (and easy) Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Brunch Ring that will definitely complete your amazing Easter brunch!


To learn this recipe and other delicious ways to incorporate Crescent Rolls into your Easter brunch, head over to Pillsbury for even more dishes and tons of easy recipes!

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