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12 Ways To Have The Hoppiest Easter Ever

Because everything's better with bunnies. And with Pillsbury Cream Cheese Crescent Bunnies, it’s easy to have bunnies be an essential part of your holiday, even in the kitchen!

10 Tricks For Creating The Ultimate Easter Brunch

The brunch of all brunches! Impress your family with a dish to complement the most important meal of Easter with Pillsbury Bacon, Egg and Cheese Brunch Ring!

10 Food Sculptures Too Incredible To Eat

Everything's better when it's edible. Take a look at some famous landmarks and structures re-imagined with food. And to make your game day a little more delicious, check out some Pillsbury® recipes that will have everyone salivating.

10 Easy Steps To Building The Ultimate Snack Stadium

Tired of consistently letting down your friends on game day with your sub-par selection of snacks? This year, Pillsbury® challenges you to up your snack game by building the ultimate snackadium. See if you have what it takes!

12 Delicious Game Day Recipes Even You Can Make

Game day grub doesn't need to be overcomplicated, it just needs to be delicious. Check out 10 easy Pillsbury® game day recipes that will have everyone begging for more.

Big Hit Appetizers For The Big Game

What's game day without delicious snacks and appetizers? And since these Pillsbury recipes are so good, you won't even care if your team wins or loses ... well, maybe.

10 Things You Never Knew You Could Do With A Crescent Roll

Roll them, stuff them, bake them, eat them. Pillsbury Crescents may be the ultimate snack food, but did you know there are plenty of other things you can do with a crescent? Check out some little known uses for your favorite flaky snack.

The Guide To Hosting A Kick Ass Party For The Big Game

So, you're planning on throwing the ultimate Game Day party. Pillsbury wants you to be the host with the most by throwing a shindig to die for. By whipping out some simple party tricks, yours can be an all out trendsetter!

Game Day Snacks Across The USA

Still asking yourself the dreaded question - man, what am I going to bring to this year's game day party? Well, look no further. Pillsbury wants to make sure you’re ready for the big game no matter where you’ll be celebrating the big game. Check out the official map of game day party snacks across the USA, and view all of the recipes at! Click the image for an even larger version.

The Game Day Grub Bible

This year, it's not about the chips, the dip, or even the half time show. This year, it's all about the crescent roll. Here is the ultimate grub bible to ensure you don't show up to your bro's pad empty handed on game day. Trust us, your bros will thank you.

20 Mouthwatering Photos Of Crescent Rolls

It's late at night and you can feel that craving for something yummy coming on strong. Not sure what to snack on? No worries! This seductive gallery of Pillsbury Crescent Rolls in sumptuous shapes and oozing sweet creams will surely do the trick.