10 Ways Denver Is The Perfect City For The Big Game

Denver has officially clinched a spot in the big game, which is good news if you’re a football fan. If you really want to get the party started, check out these great game day recipes from Pillsbury.

1. Denver is the second most educated city in America, so the trash talking is credible and insightful.

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2. But don’t get it twisted, Denver knows how to party.

You might catch one of the over 40,000 college students from the Auraria Campus within 1.5 miles of the stadium.

3. In fact, some folks in Denver throw Barrel-Man-themed parties… which is awesome.

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4. Not to mention, Denver brews more beer than any other city.

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Seriously… thank you, Denver.

5. But if coffee and scarves are more your speed, you can always catch the games from the Highlands.

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6. The fans are patient. Just ask anyone who’s dealt with The Mousetrap.

7. If you think big touchdown throws are exciting, the ratified air leads to 10% more distance on football throws.

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8. And with less water vapor in the air, the sky in Colorado is actually bluer.

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9. The Stock Show won’t be in town yet, so the city will still smell nice.

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10. Above all else, there’s simply nothing as stunning as football in the snow.

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Plan your football party with a Denver-inspired snack.

Pillsbury / Via pillsbury.com

Make sure to celebrate the big game in true Colorado style… these Denver Scrambled Egg Pizzas should do the trick.

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