10 Versions Of “Get Lucky” You Should Listen To If You’re Already Tired Of Daft Punk’s Original

So YOU are the one responsible for the gazillion streams of Daft Punk’s Get Lucky through Spotify? And you want to listen to that little earworm of a song AGAIN? Why not try a different flavor? Here are 10 really good alternative versions of the robots’ comeback hit single.

1. Daughter

Let’s start off with a beautiful, melancholic take on “Get Lucky” by the London folk trio Daughter.

2. Postmen

Dutch reggae and hip hop band, Postmen, stayed true to the original yet added about 60 degrees Fahrenheit. And rap.

3. Michael Jackson Edit

This is pretty nuts, but a YouTube user discovered that if you pitch up the song just a little bit, Get Lucky becomes a Michael Jackson song. Mind = blown.

4. Igor Presnyakov

Close your eyes and let Russian (yes, Russian) guitarist and YouTube sensation, Igor Presnyakov, take you to a BBQ on a beautiful beach in Ibiza.

5. Saved My Life - YYJMYY Edit

Hello, original disco classic Last Night A D.J. Saved My Life. Meet instant nu disco classic, Get Lucky.

6. “Get Lucky” Vs “Pumped Up Kicks”

Just a proof of concept, I guess, but Beldur should really consider turning this piano mashup of Get Lucky and Foster the People’s Pumped Up Kicks into a full song.

7. Gigi Kun

Gigi Kun recorded this vocal-only version of Get Lucky and you have to admit, it sounds pretty cool!

8. Sam Sparro

Australian singer-songwriter and music producer, Sam Sparro, recorded his very own version. This one’s bound to get lucky in the clubs.

9. Daft Punk - Get Lucky (8-Bit)

The robots go chiptune!

10. George Barnett - Get Lucky

Some even say this one’s better than the original!

11. BONUS #1: Mexican Monkey Video

Ok, this is not really an alternative version… but PURE MAGIC! You see, if you watch this video, the ORIGINAL version will CHANGE FOREVER and you will not be able to unhear that “Mexican Monkey” vocoder. Ever

12. BONUS #2: Daft Punk - C’est Bon Pour Le Moral

Wait. What’s this? This is not an alternative version either!

No, it’s Daft Punk, Pharrell and Nile Rodgers performing C’est Bon Pour Le Moral, a song written by the dad of one of the robots. Now get off that Get Lucky trip and go listen to some original disco!

Have you heard any other good versions? Please share them below!

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